Thursday, July 5, 2007

Drag Queens Invade the Fire Island Pines

Hotel heiress -- and recent jailbird -- Paris Hilton, troubled actresses Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, American Idol judge Paula Abdul, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with daughter Suri, the late Anna Nicole Smith and Glory Hole Estefan were among the Hollywood A-list in various states of drug and alcohol rehab -- or intoxication -- who joined the more than 300 drag queens who took part in the 32nd annual Invasion of the Fire Island Pines yesterday on Fire Island. This annual event began in 1975 after Panzi and her cohorts challenged the late-John Whyte to serve drag queens at his bars in the Pines. She dedicated the Invasion's latest installment to long-time Cherry Grove resident Bill 'Violet' Silver who passed away in May from AIDS complications.

The event always carries a sense of poignancy among the various coifs, headdresses and overall poor taste of Invasion-goers. The group who dressed as the Rutgers University women's basketball team and fired shock jock Don Imus would have taken the cake if child actress Dakota Fanning had not flaunted her bottle of Hennessy and other socially taboo subjects. The Malibu Tropical Banana Boys and Princess Anastasia Beaverhausen, among others, certainly provided good eye candy to this blogger and others. This event remains one of the most fun stories on which I have ever reported. Irreverence remains a lost art in this country. The queens who invaded the Pines again remind us all of the need to let our hair down for a touch of eccentricity -- and mascara -- in our lives.

American Idol judge Paula Abdul works the pre-Invasion runway with her white sunglasses

We don't serve no onion rings! This ain't Burger King!

Connie Lingus and Ali Italia of Cherry Grove Airlines prove their customer servicing skills outside of Sip n' Twirl in the Pines

Princess Anastasia Beaverhausen shakes little more than her tail feather

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