Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New York media gushes over Pope Benedict

As a self-confessed media junkie, National Public Radio, 1010 WINS and other news outlets are a prominent background feature in my home throughout the day and night. This weekend was no exception, but the proverbial orgy of media coverage surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the city this weekend was almost too much to stomach.

Reporters, anchors and others unapologetically gushed over the historical nature of the German-born pontiff's three-day visit to Gotham. Many could barely contain their excitement (and in some cases emotion) over the visage of Pope Benedict on Fifth Avenue, outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, holding Mass at Yankee Stadium, his youth rally in Yonkers, his solemn visit to Ground Zero or his historic visit to Park East Synagogue on the East Side on Friday.

The Holy See is certainly an influential entity within the world, and Pope Benedict is obviously worthy of coverage. But the question I kept asking myself during this media orgy was whether it came at the expense of the sex-abuse crisis, the exclusion of women, gays, lesbians and others from the Church. The majority of the city's media romanticized the pontiff. It focused its coverage on his appearance, and those who welcomed him into the city with open arms. There was precious little coverage of discriminatory dogma from within the church that continues to subjugate women, LGBTs and other faithful who fail to adhere to its strict and arguably largely outdated teachings. This is a true shame!

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libhom said...

Another issue I have with the coverage is that atheists didn't get any time, much less equal time, with Ratzinger.