Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another pre-season Fire Island perspective

This leatherman (he repeatedly requested Boy in Bushwick omit his actual name from this blog) serenades an all too eager crowd at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove with his rendition of "Bolero" on an accordion clad only in his leather jock strap.

The weekend has come and gone here on Fire Island and I have a few minutes to post what remains a relatively long overdue update of the last few days.

The weather on the beach was absolutely dreadful -- rain with a steady northeast breeze and raw temperatures -- on Friday afternoon upon my arrival with suitcase, two bags full of groceries and my trusty laptop in hand or on shoulder. The weather improved dramatically on Saturday, and I have an ever-darker tan from my day spent running around the beach after the annual Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association meeting.

Leather men from across the region descended upon Cherry Grove for the eighth annual Mr. Fire Island Leather contest. An orgy featuring Gefil Tefish feeding the winner, who entertained this writer and the crowd with his Meat Rack fantasy that included a performance of "Bolero" on his accordion wearing only a leather jock strap and boots, grapes and a bar boy serving him a dildo on a silver platter. To take a page out of Paris Hilton's arguably limited lexicon; it was hot!

Fire Island remains a place to escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. This blog will almost certainly continue to reiterate this talking point about the beach throughout the season -- to the point which it may become nothing more than an overstated cliche. But that fact remains part and parcel of this beautiful beach... and of course the leather men in chaps, jock straps and various metal accountrements are part of the local charm!

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