Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New York City Council candidate's "blood" comparison sparks controversy

With the New York City Democratic primary less than two weeks away, a City Council candidate from Queens has sparked controversy after someone posted comments in which he claims Latino blood is best for Latinos because "the blood of Blacks has problems, the blood of Europeans has problems" on YouTube.

Eduardo Giraldo, who is seeking to unseat Councilmember Julissa Ferreras [D-Corona, Queens,] made the comments during an interview on Al Dia Con Ramirez-Baez on Queens Public Television about a program he said he created at Elmhurst Hospital to spur blood donation among Latinos. Giraldo spoke Spanish during the segment, but the person who posted the clip on YouTube dubbed the exchange into English.

The comments are certainly an extremely unfortunate choice of words that have obviously touched a nerve among some activists in the city. The rather obvious question, however, is who posted this clip onto YouTube and whether he or she had any potentially ulterior motives.

Ferreras' campaign categorically denied any connection to the clip in a statement to New York 1. Jackson Heights resident Nely Diaz perhaps summed up the controversy best as she spoke with New York 1 reporter CeFaan Kim.

"People are running for politics, but we become so involved in the racist thing, but we forget this is about donating blood," she said.

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Ron said...

Am I just confused? I don't understand, even when just talking about blood donations, why blacks and europeans blood has problems and latinos don't. Is this scientifically backed somewhere?