Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Faith Remains Dominant Issue for Movement for LGBT Rights

The movement for LGBT rights has long struggled to counter the prolific anti-LGBT rhetoric of anti-LGBT leaders of faith and religious congregations across the country. The Human Rights Campaign, the National Lesbian & Gay Task Force, Freedom to Marry, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Empire State Pride Agenda are among the national and statewide LGBT organizations which have invested resources and even staff into their efforts to highlight LGBT-affirming people of faith.

This blogger and other reporters and commentators have repeatedly noted these efforts in their articles and postings over the years. Openly gay Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire remains the figurehead of a small but growing number of LGBT leaders of faith across the country. They continue to gain visibility among local, regional and even national media outlets as issues of faith. The recent death of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell proved this trend as Larry King, Anderson Cooper and other journalists proved with their in depth coverage of his impact on American politics and religion. The question remains, however, as to the whether these efforts actually bring about change. Americans, as a whole, continue to become more tolerant -- and accepting -- of LGBT people as this blogger as repeatedly concluded in previous entries. The movement for LGBT rights is correct to capitalize on this trend with these efforts. The United States remains a nation of deep faith. People often cultivate their perceptions of people while in the church, synagogue, mosque or temple. The movement for LGBT rights must continue to "infiltrate" these religious institutions if it seeks to continue the change it has already begun.

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