Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New York State Senate launches web cast

One can almost certainly conclude without a shadow of a doubt there remains a need for long overdue transparency in the partisan morass that is Albany. The political triumvirate of Gov. David Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver [D-Manhattan] and Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith [D-St. Albans] remains at the helm of what observers routinely describe as the country's most inefficient and dysfunctional state government, but the state Senate's new Web cast will hopefully shed some light onto what actually happens (or doesn't happen) at the state capital.

A source from Smith's office told Boy in Bushwick the 15-minute videos will allow the public "to receive a snapshot of senate-related news--instead of navigating to 62 different member sites." Government transparency? Perhaps, but anything that sheds some light onto how Albany works (or doesn't work) will almost certainly be a good thing for New Yorkers who arguably remain in the dark about how their elected officials advocate (or fail to advocate) on their behalf.

One New York - Update from New York State Senate on Vimeo.

One New York - Update from New York State Senate on Vimeo.

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