Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pre-season reflection on Fire Island

This weekend marks the official kick-off of the 2009 season for the Fire Island News, and after a long and tumultuous two weeks, I cannot wait to get out on the beach!

One of the pure joys of the last five years I have lived in New York is the ability to spend my summer on Fire Island reporting and now managing the Fire Island News. The heat waves that bake the five boroughs are far less extreme on the beach, the abundance of diverse and always interesting residents and locals and the seemingly never-ending series of parties, fundraisers and other events are among the innumerable highlights.

I leave for Fire Island early tomorrow morning, but here one of a myriad of pictures that will hopefully typify the summer of 2009.


Ben said...


Saw your post and sounds like you've got a pretty nice gig out there. My girlfriend and I just started a sharehouse in Kismet called Seven Seas - and so we'll be out there every weekend at least. What kind of new service can we get to the house to inform our shares of what's going on on the island on their weekends? Can we pull via RSS onto our website?

Unknown said...

Check out the Fire Island News' Web site at