Thursday, October 11, 2007

Greetings from a Gloomy Boston

Today marks the first day of my annual October swing through New England. I'm working out of my friend's apartment in the South End of Boston. It's a typical cool and drizzly October morning outside. The leaves have begun to change slowly but surely despite the recent warm weather.

The last few days have been quite busy for the movement for LGBT rights. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act debate continues to rage with almost daily updates from the National Center for Transgender Equality and opposing statements from Congressman Barney Frank [D-Mass.]. Equality Alabama board member Howard Bayless won his bid to secure a seat on the Birmingham Board of Education. Khadijah Farmer, a New York lesbian who was thrown out of a popular West Village restaurant, appeared on "Today" this morning with lawyer Michael Silverman of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. And Connecticut activists are eagerly awaiting their state's Supreme Court ruling on a lawsuit seeking marriage for same-sex couples. Journalists (and bloggers alike) will certainly remain busy over the next several weeks!

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