Thursday, August 21, 2008

... at the NLGJA convention in Washington

The common theme of a number of previous postings is the need to leave Fire Island for at least a few days in order to appreciate it even more. And my participation in the annual National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association convention in Washington certainly falls into that rather predictable pattern.

I just moderated a panel with Gay Wired Media editor Ross von Metzke, Advocate editor-in-chief Jon Barrett and Dallas Voice news editor John Wright. The conversation and accompanied questions from the audience were productive. And the feedback on my performance certainly brought me full circle in terms of my previous work history (those in the know are extremely familiar with what I mean!) These conferences, if anything, are a great opportunity to network with colleagues and to meet new contacts, friends and potentially more... as much as time allots of course!

Participants continue to arrive and the first welcoming event is less than an hour and 10 minutes away. Let the networking commence!

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