Monday, August 4, 2008

An 'away-cation' from Fire Island?

There comes a time towards the beginning of August when locals and seasonal residents alike begin to grow extremely weary of the influx of day trippers, weekenders and other temporary visitors who descend upon Fire Island each weekend. The thought of taking an 'away-cation' from the beach this week became an increasingly alluring thought as I waited for yet another late water taxi to take me home to Ocean Beach on Sunday morning. It was 3:30 a.m., and I was beat from a busy day covering a variety of political and LGBT fundraisers in the Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove--the beach is certainly a fantastic place to spend the summer, but rest assured of the fact I actually work to earn this privilege.

The thought of returning to Bushwick (yes, Bushwick) for a few days firmly planted itself into my mind until I woke up this morning to a refreshingly cool breeze and a crystal clear blue sky. The beautiful early-August morning quickly changed my mind, and I have delayed my Fire Island 'away-cation' by at least one day. I continue to earn my keep as a journalist-on-the-beach, however, in case anyone is at all curious.

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