Thursday, August 9, 2007

Democrats Take Part in First LGBT Political Debate Tonight

Yesterday's tornado -- a twister Mom! -- in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, overshadowed the growing excitement over tonight's LGBT. Human Rights Campaign Executive Director Joe Solmonese, Washington Post Editorial Writer Jonathan Capehart and Grammy-winner Melissa Etheridge will ask the Democratic candidates questions during the forum hosted by Logo and the HRC.

The candidates will almost certainly face difficult questions about their records on LGBT issues. Senator Hillary Clinton, for example, may face questions about her continued failure to support marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, on the other hand, may have to explain his 'maricon' comparison that came to light in June. Some pundits and activists may conclude tonight's confab may produce more feel-good sound bites and blanket statements in support of equality for LGBT Americans. Others may speculate actual fireworks may erupt between the candidates who participate as they seek to secure the pink vote. Yet more may conclude the movement's own inbred politics and infighting may come to the surface. All of these scenarios remain a possibility. The fact remains, however, the debate marks a significant milestone for the whole movement for LGBT rights and to an equally important extent LGBT Americans.

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