Friday, September 7, 2007

Boy in Bushwick Does Gay Manhattan

Allow me the temporary indulgence of a moment out on the town [in Carrie Bradshaw's $400 Manolos]. I took a break from journalism this past Wednesday to audition for, of all things, a gay dating reality show which is slated to air on Lifetime in the fall. Two straight middle aged women, who were obviously ecstatic to talk with a 20-something gay man, quizzed me on everything from my ideal partner to what I look for in a man. I kept telling myself how ridiculous this scene was but in a strange sense the experience made me contemplate my self-admitted disastrous dating record in New York. Perhaps something good will come out of this out-of-Bushwick experience if you will.

Following the interview, my friend Dean and I attended a Perry Ellis underwear party at Lotus in the Meatpacking District. We waited outside on West 14th Street for nearly half an hour before the doorman let us enter the club. Dean and I enjoyed cranberry vodkas but quickly concluded the party was a bust. Fashion Week was in full swing but the crowd, the lack of air conditioning and the overall nature of the party motivated us to make an early exit at around 8:30. Manhattan remains a reality completely within its own aura regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. One can easily conclude its allure is highly overrated in more ways than one. The opportunity remains, however, for those who want to take part in Carrie's uber-fabulous social and even dating life.

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