Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Hampshire Bound (Again)

I'm once again back in New Hampshire after my mother's successful surgery earlier this week. The primary season remains in full swing without a concrete date for the first-in-the-nation contest as of yet. My mother handed me a Hillary Clinton brochure which touts her support of the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) which President George W. Bush vetoed last month. Another flier advertised New Hampshire Veterans for Obama (my father was in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet offensive). All of this propaganda (call it what it is) continues to bombard New Hampshire voters ahead of the primary. It appears as though marriage and other LGBT issues will not factor into the contest even though the state's civil union bill takes effect just days before the expected primary date. The inundation of candidates upon the small (and typically chilly) New England state will certainly continue with or without LGBT issues on the radar screen.

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