Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Mitt-Flop

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's so-called change of heart on marriage for same-sex couples, Don't Ask, Don't Tell and other LGBT issues have continued to dog him on the campaign trail. But add yet another Mitt-Flop to this impressive list of hypocritical campaign pandering with the news that he continued to employ a landscaping company at his Belmont, Mass., mansion which employed undocumented immigrants.

The Boston Globe reported that Romney fired the landscapers less than a week after he blasted former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's immigration policies in Gotham during his tenure in the 1990s. The newspaper raised these exact questions last December but Romney claimed in a statement released last night that he had only learned about the status of the company's employees from the Globe itself. Right Mitt! Politics remains, above all, local. Romney's continued double speak proves that he will do anything to secure a few votes on the campaign trail. He can try to smooth-talk people with his charisma, his Ozzie & Harriett-made photo ops with his family but his record and latest in a series of Mitt-flops speak for themselves.

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