Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary's Pennsylvania victory sparks even more partisan brinkmanship

Journalists, activists and even objective observers have almost grown accustomed to the seemingly constant back and forth between operatives and supporters of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama during this lengthy primary and caucus season. The days leading up to the former First Lady's double digit victory in Pennsylvania last night featured a steady barrage of insults, criticisms and other observations from operatives on both sides.

One source here in New York featured a caricature of Obama with his nose up in the air after his comments about Pennsylvania voters during a San Francisco fundraiser became public. Another source routinely sends me a barrage of e-mails that try to spin coverage in Clinton's favor. It's important to note that Obama's campaign is not immune to these incidences, but the fact remains these operatives are not helping their cause -- and especially their candidates. The campaign obviously continues to unfold, but these folks arguably need to chill out, simmer down and quite frankly bite their tongues.

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libhom said...

Clinton's conduct has so thoroughly alienated me that I will never vote for her, in this election or any other. She has burned all bridges as far as I'm concerned.