Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines

The unofficial start of summer remains roughly two months away, but a few intrepid Fire Islanders have already begun to find their way back to the beach after a long and cold winter. I spent most of the day in Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines. The dreaded spring sea breeze did not kick in until late in the afternoon, Island Breeze in the Grove was open for burgers and cocktails, the replenished beach is broad and I even have a bit more color on my face courtesy of the strong April sun. A great day indeed!

Leaving Sayville

Approaching Cherry Grove

Fire Island Pines

Fire Island Pines

Reeds near Fire Island Boulevard and Seaview Walk (Pines)

Approaching Heaven n' Earth in Cherry Grove

Bayview Walk (Grove)

Some locals at Island Breeze (Grove)

The Belvidere

Snow fencing in the Grove

Honey at Island Breeze

The ocean from the end of Greene Walk in the Grove

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WPBNYC and Anything Else said...

Great to see images of the Grove and Pines. Maybe I will make it out there at some point this summer. The change of seasons is dramatic and makes the summer there so much more delicious.