Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Calif. Supreme Court to issue Prop 8 decision today

After months of anticipation, the California Supreme Court is expected to issue its long-awaited decision on the validity of Proposition 8 today.

The court could strike down the voter approved initiative, could rule Prop 8 is valid (along with the marriages of same-sex couples) or the amendment is valid and the marriages of gays and lesbians are invalid. This could prove a watershed moment in the recent history of the movement for LGBT rights. Activists across the country have planned protests, rallies and other actions to mark the decision.

In New York, for example, thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of the West Village this afternoon. The state Assembly passed a marriage bill earlier this month, and marchers will almost certainly send a powerful message to the state Senate to endorse the proposed legislation so Gov. David Paterson can quickly sign it.

Today will certainly be an emotional and/or exciting day depending upon how the court rules. The fight for marriage for same-sex couples is far from over, but today's Prop 8 decision could steer the direction of that battle. Stay tuned!

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