Thursday, July 9, 2009

Espada to be named Senate Majority Leader

After more than a month of gridlock, the New York State Senate could finally return to business with dissident state Sen. Pedro Espada's return to the party from which he defected.

Albany sources have confirmed media reports Espada will become Senate Majority Leader. This flip will once again give the Democrats a 32-30 majority. And this development could have a positive impact on the future of a bill that would extend marriage for same-sex couples.

One Albany insider told Boy in Bushwick earlier this afternoon Espada would allow the proposed legislation to go before the full Senate for a vote. State Sen. Malcolm Smith [D-Queens] repeatedly maintained he would not bring the bill to the floor unless he had enough votes to secure its passage. Stay tuned...

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Unknown said...

Yeah, and when will they get to GENDA now? Shall we pencil it in for, oh I don't know, sometime next decade?

The marriage-focused tunnelvision of the NY pols and activists is still just as bigoted and just as disgraceful as it was in '02 when SONDA passed.

Once again, Transgender-Americans are shown that when the chips are down our so-called "allies" will cut and run, pandering to the wealthy and influential as they quickly forget all about hardworking taxpaying transgender New Yorkers who are among the hardest hit by the current economy.

It's my hope that trans New Yorkers and our true allies will teach these people a richly deserved lesson next November, but given the history I expect all the NY gays and lesbians will be far too busy focusing on their ability to save money on their taxes to bother helping those still struggling to be able to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.