Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An upside to the dog days of summer?

After nearly two weeks in Fire Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and a few points in between, I have finally returned home to Bushwick. I actually came back from Fire Island late Monday night, but the dog days of summer have finally arrived in the five boroughs.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver's death on Cape Cod, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rather ridiculous proclamation the White House's health care proposal includes so-called "death panels" and Cherry Grove's fascination (and love) of my sarong late last week are among the notable items from the past few days. August usually brings a slower news cycle. Politicians have left Washington for the confines of their home districts. New Yorkers who are able have traded the concrete jungle for Fire Island, the Hamptons or the Catskills. And a steady stream of substitute anchors have provided some temporary relief from the talking heads who normally dominate cable news. Who said the dog days of summer were all bad?

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