Friday, December 4, 2009

Cuban blogosphere emerges

Even though the bulk of my recent work has focused on the push to secure marriage for same-sex couples, hate crimes and other LGBT-specific issues, international affairs, multiculturalism, socio-economics and other topics are among those in which I remain acutely interested.

On this thread, I was quite frankly shocked to receive an instant message from a blogger in Havana a few weeks ago after I e-mailed him about his blog Fotos desde Cuba. I have never experienced the struggles many Cubans face every day on the island, but Pedro's pictures certainly provide a glimpse into a country and a society of which a majority of Americans remain unaware.

Signs of the Cuban Revolution in Havana.

A protest in Vedado on Nov. 20.

An advertisement for a transgender festival in Havana late last month.

Two men sit along Havana's oceanfront.

Yoani Sánchez is perhaps Cuba's most recognized blogger. President Barack Obama answered seven questions she sent to him and Cuban President Raúl Castro last month. Castro has yet to respond to Sánchez's questions, but she blogged on Generación Y three Cuban security agents in street clothes detained and beat her last month as she was on her way to attend a march.

Sánchez's blog links to other bloggers around the country.

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