Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homophobic, racist graffiti discovered in N.H. capital

WMUR reported earlier today someone scrawled homophobic and racist graffiti at two locations around Concord, N.H., last week.

The television station reported State House security guards discovered the vandalism, which included swastikas and "AIDS are Awesome" in a parking garage on Thursday, April 22. And in the second incident, a police officer discovered graffiti spray painted on a dugout at a local Little League field.

These acts of vandalism coincided with a rally outside the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan that drew more than 100 people to condemn the vandal (or vandals) who placed a burned rainbow flag outside the West 13th Street building earlier this month. Concord police continue to investigate the incidents, but they, and the Manhattan incident, remain reminders there are people who continue to feel it is acceptable to act out upon their anti-LGBT attitudes. This is simply intolerable.

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