Monday, July 5, 2010

Fire Island 2010, part seven

Written earlier this morning while listening to "Vogue" on the porch of the cottage in Ocean Beach.

It’s definitely a hot summer day here on Fire Island, but one image that remains entrenched in my mind is the woman who decided to have sex in the hot tub during Bay Dance in the Fire Island Pines – a straight woman, a possibly gay man and a lot of substance consumption! Did I mention it’s hot on the beach today?

Women—and I use that term quite loosely—were definitely a common theme on Fire Island over the long holiday weekend. Tracy Young was fabulous as usual at IndepenDANCE at Reflections last night, but the “women” from Cherry Grove who invaded the Pines really stole the show. This reporter spotted the Real Housewives of the Gulf Coast, Wendy Williams, Tormenta: Queen of the Seas, Acid Betty, the Rockford Peaches, Dorothy with her illegitimate child, M.I.Anus, Betty Beach Ball and even a possible sighting of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy on her way to the Meatrack during the annual Invasion of the Pines yesterday afternoon. My brown cocktail dress with fishnet stockings and elbow length gloves was quite the hit, but the blisters on my feet prove this queen should never wear anything that resembles heels.

As I continue to nurse my feet, however, a couple of obligatory shout outs are in order. I would like to thank the kind woman on the dock in the Pines who offered me her margarita yesterday afternoon. And I dedicate this entry to my Madonna-obsessed friend John and everyone else at Cherry's last night who made an already great holiday weekend even better.

The Rockford Peaches pose for their post-Invasion photo op

The incomparable Gusty Winds

Joyce as Lady Gaga

This reporter poses for her close-up at the Ice Palace

Some queens

How you doin'?

Dorothy Doodrop and her illegitimate child

Miss Vuvuzela

The Real Housewives of the Gulf Coast

IndepenDANCE at Reflections in the Pines on Sunday, July 4

The Pines harbor on Friday, July 2

Dallas Dubois at the Grove Hotel pool show on Saturday, July 3

The setting sun at Bay Dance in the Pines on Saturday, July 3

Amid the crowd at Bay Dance in the Pines on Saturday, July 3

July 4 at Andy Tobias and Charles Nolan's house in the Pines

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