Friday, January 21, 2011

Adios from the edge of the world

Originally written while sitting on the terrace of our room at Medio Mundo in Algarrobo around 9:10 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 17.

The sun has largely burned away the early morning clouds. Swells continue to break over the rocks. And a couple and their toddler age daughter just sat down for breakfast on the patio beneath our terrace.

One can truly appreciate the inspiration Pablo Neruda took from the ocean by simply sitting on our room's terrace—or watching the sun set into the Pacific as waves crash just a few feet away. Chile literally clings to the edge of the South American continent. And while certain things about the country are certainly less than ideal, sitting on this terrace writing this last dispatch before beginning the long trip back to New York proves the edge of the world can prove particularly breathtaking.


Joey said...

THAT looks like it was a nice vacation spot. I'm envious ! Certainly a change from snowy New Hampshire. (Incidentally, in NYC we're getting socked with snow as well. Most people I speak to are sick of it).

Boy in Bushwick said...

Rest assured we quickly reacquainted ourselves with winter when we navigated slushly sidewalks to get into my building in Bushwick last Tuesday. One can ask whether why we left Chile!