Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fire Island 2011, part 4

Started writing at 6:09 p.m. at Low Tea in the Fire Island Pines.

Blondie's "Rapture" provided an all too appropriate soundtrack for the exact moment at which the world was to have ended. The Rapturous fog that shrouded Fire Island for most of the day added to the pre-Armageddon anticipation. Five "Raptured" Fire Islanders were spotted around the Pines' harbor--one of whom apparently decided to have a glass of wine before he met his heavenly father, while another literally dropped everything as he worked on replacing the bulkheads in front of the Blue Whale. In the end, however, the ground did not open up beneath this gay sinner's feet. And I am able to write this post-Rapture blog from the comfort of my apartment in Bushwick.

Here are three other notes and observations from the day.
1) Cherry Grove is arguably the only place in the world where seeing a "39-year-old" man named Sonny blow out the candles on his phallic birthday cake at a bar at 4 p.m. is considered normal.
2) Having to wear a wool sweater anytime before sunset on the weekend before Memorial Day is simply unacceptable.
3) The belligerent drunk woman who was yelling at her boyfriend at the Sayville ferry terminal should remember there is already enough drama on the beach, and she should not contribute to it any further.

On the Pines-bound ferry shortly after it left Sayville.

Cherry Grove "fauna" on Bay View Walk.

The one and only Lina at Sip n' Twirl in the Pines.

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