Monday, June 23, 2008

Arrests in the Meatrack?

A sudden illness kept me in bed for a majority of the past weekend here on Fire Island, but I did have enough energy to purchase two wigs, a playboy handbag and gaudy costume jewelry to compliment my upcoming Invasion costume. One story that stood out from the past several days, however, are the series of arrests that reportedly took place in the Meat Rack over the last two weekends.

A number of Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove residents told Boy in Bushwick over the last few days about these alleged patrols inside the strip of land, known as the Carrington Tract, between the gay hamlets. These sources reported National Park Service rangers reportedly issued summonses and tickets to those found engaging in public sex and urination. This blogger has yet to confirm these accounts, but it is certainly safe to say people in both hamlets are outraged over what has allegedly happened over the last two weeks. Log onto both the Fire Island News, EDGE Fire Island and this blog for further updates.

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