Monday, June 9, 2008

Fire Island with a slice of turbulence

This sailboat battens down the hatches as a powerful squall line descends upon Cherry Grove on Sunday, June 8.

Another weekend has passed and I'm enjoying the relative cool of Fire Island this morning before I head back into the city later this afternoon. The hot and humid weather over the Tri State during the last few days certainly drew more than a few weary city goers to the beach. It's still very early in the season, however, so the crowds were more manageable than what one may expect.

That said, this weekend marks the start of our third issue. And I spent the weekend capturing the beach's latest swimsuit fashions--no joke! I also interviewed WNYC host Richard Hake at his share in the Pines and spent yet another Saturday night partying in the Grove with new and old friends. I also watched thunderstorms develop over Long Island--the mainland as native Fire Islanders call it--from the roof deck at Democratic National Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias' and his partner, designer Charles Nolan, yesterday afternoon. These storms turned into a very nasty squall line that raked the beach around 6 p.m. I had the unenviable privilege of riding this storm out on a water taxi between the Grove and Ocean Bay Park with two tweenagers and their parents. I can joke now hazard pay is not included in my compensation with the Fire Island News, but the trip certainly made for a turbulent end to a hot and humid weekend on the beach.

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