Monday, July 21, 2008

More Fire Island reflections

The beach in the Fire Island Pines provided locals and visitors alike with an escape from the heat.

Another weekend has come and gone on Fire Island and I am winding up my day at home in Ocean Beach. New Yorkers packed the beach in droves to escape the oppressive heat and humidity that have blanketed most of the Tri-State area over the last several days. My friend Paul made his Fire Island debut this weekend. And the Fire Island Dance Festival once again proved to be one of my favorite events of the season to cover.

My publisher and I have begun to realize the season is more than half over. The fifth issue of the Fire Island News hit the beach last Thursday, and I am almost scared to concede the not so tongue-in-cheek fantasy that is my summer on Fire Island will be over in just a few weeks. I remain completely blessed by this amazing opportunity. I often find myself pinching myself at the opportunities that have come before me in the last couple of months--the Invasion and my conversation with Caroline Rhea following yesterday's dance festival. All good things unfortunately must come to an end, but the next six weeks will almost certainly remain sweet indeed!

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