Monday, March 16, 2009

Boys (and Girls) of Brooklyn

Yes mom, there are indeed LGBT people who live, work and play in Brooklyn!

I simply could not resist the above lede for today's blog posting, but in all seriousness there are a lot of LGBT Brooklynites who live, work and play in Kings County. The BK has been my home for nearly five years, and I honestly cannot imagine living anywhere else at this time in my life.

My spontaneous love for Brooklyn stems from a really good meeting I had earlier today with the inspiration behind OutAboutBrooklyn, a new blog that hopes to let boys and girls who live in the borough know about LGBT-owned and operated bars, clubs and other businesses and those that are friendly to our pink brothers and sisters. The site, which went live last month, also seeks to connect LGBT Brooklynites to each other without crossing the East River into the city.

The 718 (or at least the portion of the area code that comprises Kings County) remains one of the city's most attractive and diverse boroughs in which to live and play. And there is certainly much more in the borough than Williamsburg hipsters, Park Slope lesbians and Ikea in Red Hook... and OutAboutBrooklyn may emerge as one of the places at which LGBT New Yorkers, their friends and others can discover why Brooklynites arguably love their beloved borough...

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