Tuesday, October 27, 2009

African burial ground, lesbian cruise and Old Town vistas

A torrential downpour swept across Key West a few hours ago, but all in all my third full day on the island was largely tranquil.

I interviewed the openly gay Key West police chief yesterday morning before I visited the African burial ground along Higgs Beach, the lush gardens inside the West Martello Tower and the Key West Cemetery. I managed to get a bit of work done before I headed down towards Mallory Square and Duval Street to try to talk to some locals for a story on which I am working for the Guide, but the heat and humidity honestly proved too much and I decided to go to the Island House to go for a swim and have an espresso.

Our day wound down with happy hours at three guest houses in Old Town before an extended dinner at Azure on Grinnell Street. The downpour swept over Key West a few minutes before we were to leave, but we simply stayed to enjoy some luscious desserts and more coffee.

Below are some pictures from today.

The African burial ground on Higgs Beach.

The gardens inside the West Martello Tower near Higgs Beach and the White Street Pier.

A monument in the Key West Cemetery pays tribute to those who died aboard the U.S.S. Maine.

Above ground tombs in the Key West Cemetery.

Mallory Square and the Key West harbor front from the widow's walk of the Curry Mansion Inn on Caroline Street.

A windblown Boy in Bushwick poses on top of the Curry Mansion House.

The Olivia cruise ship that brought more than 1,500 lesbians to Key West sits anchored near the Westin hotel.

Parking fit for a queen... Edith Amsterdam of the Curry Mansion Inn that is!

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David Elijah Nahmod said...

Nice pics! You sure are handsome!
I'm from Brooklyn, BTW, in SF CA now.
Say hi to the Ridgewood Theatre! (is it still there?