Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hundreds march in College Point against hate crime

An estimated 500 people marched through College Point, Queens, earlier today to denounce what police continue to describe as an anti-gay attack that nearly killed local resident Jack Price early on Oct. 9.

Price's sister-in-law, Joanne Guarneri and her daughter Amanda were among the hundreds of elected officials, activists and local residents who took part in the march down College Point Avenue. They also spoke at a rally in a nearby park.

"They [Aleman and Rodriguez] nearly beat my brother-in-law to death for $10 and a pack of cigarettes," Guarneri said. "We have to stop violence in College Point. We have to take back our streets."

Below are pictures and video from the march and rally.

Queens residents march through College Point to denounce anti-gay hate crimes.

Jack Price's sister-in-law, Joanne Guarneri, signs a banner before she marched down College Point Avenue.

Marchers paused for a moment of silence in front of the deli where Daniel Aleman and Daniel Rodriguez, Jr., allegedly attacked Jack Price early Oct. 9.

Joanne Guarneri marches with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and other local elected officials.

Hundreds attended a rally at a local park after they marched up College Point Avenue.

Some of Rodriguez's friends gathered across the street from the rally to defend him against allegations he and Aleman attacked Price because of his sexual orientation.


Eleni said...

Thats right i am one of danny rodriguez and i am proud to stick up for my friend and back him up on this. THIS WAS NO GAY HATE CRIME!!!!

Eleni said...

** i am one of danny rodriguez friends.

also i was proud to stand there to back him up and if i had the chance to do it all over again i would

Anonymous said...

shut up eleni shows who u f_cking hang out with smut/slut/pothead/white trash bitch

Anonymous said...

people like him should be set as an example. people have their choices on sexual orientation and to beat someone up for being gay is immoral