Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marriage vote in NYS Senate appears increasingly unlikely

It appears as though a possible vote in Albany this afternoon on a bill that would extend marriage to same-sex couples continues to grow less likely.

Elizabeth Benjamin of the Daily News reported a source who is involved with negotiations over whether to bring the bill to the floor told her it is unlikely based, in part, because a handful of GOP senators who could have potentially supported the proposed legislation could not face potentially angry constituents.

The National Organization for Marriage evoked former Congressional candidate Dede Scozzafava's failed campaign in a press release yesterday that announced the organization would fund primary challenges--with a $500,000 war chest--against any Republican senator who voted for the bill.

The obvious question remains whether the fallout from the 23rd Congressional District has put the state's GOP lawmakers on notice, but it continues to appear increasingly likely politics could once again derail marriage for same-sex couples in New York State.

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