Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christie doomed NJ marriage vote

New Jersey activists continue to point the finger at incoming Gov. Chris Christie as the primary reason lawmakers defeated a bill earlier today that would have allowed marriage for same-sex couples.

Garden State Equality and Lambda Legal announced minutes after the state Senate voted 14-20 against the measure they would challenge the civil unions law in court. But GSE's Steven Goldstein was quick to maintain the election results made all the difference.

"We lost for one reason: Jon Corzine," he said. "Jon Corzine lost; Chris Christie won."

Indeed, Christie has repeatedly maintained he would veto any bill that would allow gays and lesbians to marry. And he reportedly pressured Republican lawmakers in both the state Assembly and Senate to oppose the measure--state Sen. Brian Baroni [R-Hamilton] is the only GOP legislator who voted in support of the bill.

"Christie is a politician," another political insider told Boy in Bushwick. "Christie is a professional politician and Corzine was not. And that made all the difference."

Politics is indeed local!

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