Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Solidarity with the Cuban blogosphere

A vacation in Havana is certainly an enticing proposition for this winter-weary New Yorker, but it is important to remember the vast majority of Cubans continue to
endure unnecessary hardships in their own country.

Boy in Bushwick highlighted the growing Cuban blogosphere last month, but Yoani Sánchez and her colleagues are able to provide an uncensored picture of daily life in the country on a literal shoestring. Pedro Luis, a blogger who maintains Fotos desde Cuba and La Habana llora, updates them at hotels and Internet cafes throughout Havana. It costs roughly $6 an hour to access the Internet in these locations, but Pedro Luis pointed to a number of things that would make his work easier. These include blank CDs, flash drives, SIM cards and even a camera.

His contact information is below for anyone who may want to connect with him.

5352731727 (can receive text messages or MSM)

My conversations with Pedro Luis over the last few months have truly reminded me of the important role journalists, bloggers and other media professionals play in a given society. He and his colleagues provide a vitally important glimpse into the daily struggles of the Cuban people. And it remains crucial to stand up in solidarity with them.

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