Monday, February 8, 2010

Key West canine officer stops would-be burglar

The Key West Police Department announced earlier today a canine unit stopped a would-be burglar from breaking into a woman's home early Saturday morning.

Ferro detained a man who a police spokesperson said had tried to break into the Fleming Street house through a sliding glass door. The KWPD said Ferro "moved forward and apprehended the suspect by taking hold of his forearm in his jaws." The department further said the suspect, whom it identified as Jacob Fred Kaiser, 33, of Seattle, tried to fight Ferro, but his partner, KWPD officer Thomas Aglin, commanded him to force the man to the ground.

“Our K-9 Unit is a vital part of an efficient police department,” KWPD acting chief Scott Smith said. “Ferro’s quick response and his level of training were important in apprehending this suspect.”

Kaiser remains in custody in the Monroe County Detention Center, but it goes without saying the Conch Republic will continue to have a lot of fun at his expense.

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