Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday morning wrap-up: Saints, Palin and Paterson

A broken pipe in the basement caused quite the scene here in Bushwick over the weekend, but a steady stream of news kept this news junkie entertained as he eagerly awaited the return of running (hot) water.

Voulez vous le bon temps rouler! I certainly did not follow each play in the Super Bowl, but the New Orleans Saints' come-from-behind victory against the Indianapolis Colts remains nothing short of breathtaking. This win is surely a shot in the arm for the Crescent City as it continues to regain its footing after Hurricane Katrina. And Americans will undoubtedly continue to rejoice with Who Dat nation in the coming days and weeks.

On a decidedly less festive note, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave a rousing speech to Tea Partiers in Nashville over the weekend. I am certainly not a Palin fan; nor have I ever described her in favorable terms outside of the fact she looks great for a mother of five and for her appearance on Saturday Night Live alongside Tina Fey. And the steady stream of sound bites of Palin's speech that the Sunday morning talk shows played sparked the predictable tweets.

"With all due respect to Sarah Palin, what the hell does she know about foreign policy?," one read in response to the former Alaska governor's assertion the White House should declare war against Iran. "You can't see Iran from Alaska after all..."

I guess crib notes qualify her to run for president in 2012. Perhaps New York Gov. David Paterson may have some new found time on his hands, however, if rumors of his possible resignation pan out.

Stay tuned...

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