Monday, May 24, 2010

Cubans mark International Day Against Homophobia

Multiple deadlines largely kept me away from the blog over the past week, but one thing I would like to highlight are the Cubans who took to the streets of Havana and other cities to mark the annual International Day Against Homophobia.

Mariela Castro, director of Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual de Cuba (CENESEX) and daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro marched with hundreds of others through the capital on Saturday, May 15. She spoke about IDAHO with the Associated Press.

"We have made progress, but we need to make more progress," said Castro.

Gay Cuban blogger Pedro Luis Castro has posted several pictures of his countrymen commemorating IDAHO on his blog Fotos desde Cuba.

Transgender woman in Santa Clara.

Gay Cubans in Havana.

Gay Cubans in Havana.

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Great for Cuba and the world.