Sunday, May 9, 2010

Return to Fire Island

An interview with Cherry Grove's new postmaster, a cat that apparently likes to hang out on top of an upside-down rowboat near the Ocean Bay Park fire house and seemingly relentless gale force winds were all features of my first weekend on Fire Island this year. And all in all, I remain very optimistic this summer will be a good one on the beach.

Bicycles parked along Bay Walk in Ocean Beach

Looking out at the bay from Bay View Walk in Ocean Bay Park on May 8.

Apparatus from the Ocean Bay Park Fire Department parked in front of the fire house on May 8.

This cat apparently likes to hang out around the Ocean Bay Park firehouse.

Some interesting beach debris between Point O' Woods and the Sunken Forest.

Beach plums in bloom near Sunken Forest on May 8.

Tea in the Fire Island Pines on May 8.

Point O' Woods oceanfront on May 9.

The remnants of the access to Point O' Woods' main beach on May 9.

Home sweet home on Surf Road in Ocean Beach.

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