Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fire Island 2010, part four

Written somewhere between Babylon and Amityville earlier this morning on a Jamaica-bound train.

The weekend after Memorial Day is typically quiet on the beach, but there was enough to keep this reporter mildly titillated on Fire Island over the last couple of days. These included balmy weather, a continued positive energy in the Fire Island Pines and the one too many brownies, pieces of cake and cookies I ate at the Pines Animal Welfare Society's annual Cherry Grove benefit at the Ice Palace last night.

Here are three other quotes, toasts and observations of which I took note over the weekend.

1) Money can't buy you class. (A song lyric.)

2) Cheers to us and to those who want to be us. (A toast a woman made to her friends at a Grove bar last night.)

3) Jokes about barebacking are not cute; or even funny for that matter. (A piece of my mind.)

Ocean Beach wagon park.

On my way to Sailors' Haven on a water taxi on Saturday, June 5.

We all scream for ice cream in Sailors' Haven.

Watching a developing thunderstorm from the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove on Saturday, June 5.

The view as I finished my coffee while waiting for the Bay Shore-bound ferry on Sunday, June 6.

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