Monday, June 21, 2010

Fire Island 2010, part six

Written around 12:30 a.m. today on the front porch of the cottage after walking home from Cherry Grove on the beach.

It’s officially the summer equinox, and tonight’s brilliantly red sunset was certainly the perfect way to usher in the new season.

My eyes remain a bit blurry after the long walk home, but this past weekend certainly proved I actually do work (quite hard for anyone who dares to question this reality) out here. The highlights include delayed water taxis, Congressman Tim Bishop’s fundraiser in the Fire Island Pines, purchasing deeply discounted Armani jeans, a black belt and quasi-sheer white shirt at Shopping for Saturday at Whyte Hall, Miracle House’s annual fundraiser in the Pines, Penny Arcade’s thought- provoking performance in the Grove, an unexpected night in the House of Orange on Maryland Walk and a wonderful dinner at Top of the Bay.

Any Fire Islander will almost certainly lament about the sometimes troublesome water taxis, but the beach certainly continues to inspire those who choose to spend any amount of time—Logan Hardcore even provided me enough motivation to write the bulk of my Gulf Coast oil spill article during her pool show at the Ice Palace yesterday afternoon. Miracles can indeed come to pass on Fire Island!

Fire Island in the distance on Friday, June 18.

The view from the roof of a Fire Island Pines home on Saturday, June 19.

Gay Pride at Island Breeze in Cherry Grove.

Some of the offerings at the annual Drag Tag Sale at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove on Sunday, June 20.

A dying thunderstorm from the Ice Palace deck in Cherry Grove on Sunday, June 20.

Sole and crab at Top of the Bay in Cherry Grove on Sunday, June 20.

Sunset from Top of the Bay in Cherry Grove on Sunday, June 20.

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