Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have Democrats thrown Weiner under the bus?

Have Democrats thrown Anthony Weiner under the bus?

Former Democratic National Committee Chair Tim Kaine and Pennsylvania Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz are among the growing chorus of Weiner's colleagues who have called for his resignation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-Nev.] made it clear to reporters on Tuesday that the congressman has few friends on Capitol Hill. And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] has launched a formal ethics investigation into Weiner's antics.

Sending lewd and sexually explicit pictures to women over the Internet hardly qualifies as a high crime or misdemeanor, and stupidity alone is not an indictable offense. This sad spectacle, however, has obviously become a distraction to Democrats who have their eyes squarely set on the 2012 elections. This episode also proves once again that politicians generally lack a backbone or intestinal fortitude.

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