Friday, October 12, 2007

A Pink Outing in the Hub

Marriage for same-sex couples has been legal in Massachusetts since May 2004. Thousands of gays and lesbians have exchanged nuptials in the Commonwealth despite former Gov. Mitt Romney and other vocal activists who have unsuccessfully attempted to block them through proposed Constitutional amendments, legislative lobbying and even fire and brimstone speeches and rallies on Beacon Hill. My aunt, who lives in the tony South Shore suburb of Milton, is not among these figures. She professed her support for these marriages as she waited for one of her customers to return from the dressing room inside Sachs Fifth Avenue in the Prudential Center.

My aunt epitomizes the over-caffeinated woman in her early 50s who says what she wants with no apologies: In other words she's simply fabulous! Most of her co-workers at Sachs are rather obviously gay. She's friendly with them and made sure I knew which ones were gay as we chatted during my surprise visit earlier today. My aunt's unprovoked support of marriage for gays and lesbians frankly caught me off guard. I have never told her that I am gay. I did mention during our conversation today that I reported the first marriages outside Cambridge City Hall after the Goodridge decision took effect. My confession prompted her quick response before she walked me around the floor to introduce me to her fellow co-workers. National Coming Out Day was yesterday but the conversation with my aunt on marriage, which lasted less than 30 seconds, heralded one of my last 'coming outs' with my own family. It was a great outing in the Hub indeed!

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