Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gays Partisans Remain Engaged in Political Banter

I remain somewhat disconnected from the political back and forth between New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama last week due to my vacation in the Dominican Republic, but last night's election results proved yet again this election cycle remains historic.

A number of gay sources told me today they feel LGBT voters -- especially those in Ohio and Texas -- played an important role in Clinton's victory in those two states last night. Others used their interviews as an opportunity to portray their respective candidate in a favorable light (or to criticize their opposing White House hopeful). Journalists are certainly a cynical lot, I confess the continued partisan banter among pundits and political operatives in our community provides at least this reporter with a plethora of good sound bites and story ideas about which he can write.

The Pennsylvania primary is more than six weeks away, but this historic exercise in American democracy will certainly continue as the Democrats battle it out over they hope is the best candidate to lead their party into the November general election. LGBT partisans will certainly continue their partisan brinkmanship as they make the case for their respective candidate. Let the games continue!

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