Monday, March 3, 2008

Reflections of the Dominican Republic

Vacations are a time to escape from the rat race, recharge one's batteries and to of course have fun. All of these things and even more happened during the seven days I spent in the Dominican Republic with my gay Dominican friend David and my good friend Paul from Boston.

Problems remain in the country -- deep poverty (especially in the countryside), a lack of regular electricity and running water and political corruption to name a few -- but the window David provided us into gay life in Santo Domingo was a truly wonderful experience. The site of an American and a British-born United States resident must have been an interesting visage for those who gather each weekend at Parque Duarte in the capital's Colonial City or dance the night away at Cha on the Malecón or at the carnival in La Vega, but the Dominicans whom we met during our week in the country humorously welcomed us with open arms into the world for which they have created for themselves.

The Dominican Republic obviously must continue to confront the problems facing many of its citizens, but its gay residents allowed at least this gay American an opportunity to step away from the pink Gotham rat race, reflect and simply enjoy. ¡Pa’lante!

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