Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer saga continues to unravel

The politically charged scandal surrounding expected soon-to-be former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer continues to unravel around him as an estimated 70 percent of New Yorkers want him to step down. A very convincing argument can be made for the former Attorney General's resignation -- his patronization of the Emperor VIP Club and his vigorous prosecution of alleged prostitution rings proves him a hypocrite unworthy of the public's trust.

LGBT activists across the state rejoiced last April after Spitzer introduced a bill to extend marriage to same-sex couples. The Empire State Pride Agenda briefly mentioned the scandal and an article Advocate news editor Kerry Eleveld wrote about Lieutenant Gov. David Paterson's pro-LGBT record on its blog this morning. And blogger Andres Duque discussed the bill's future on his blog yesterday, but arguably the most telling sign Spitzer is politically doomed is the fact Democrats have not publicly rallied to his defense since the scandal broke in the New York Times on Monday.

A colleague told this writer Monday night the scandal is akin to watching a Greek tragedy slowly unroll. Indeed!

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