Wednesday, December 3, 2008

RIP Mary Myers Cole

Mary Myers Cole, first on right, poses with other Fire Island Pines women at Sip n' Twirl in May.

Fire Island remains one of the most beautiful places in the world (literally) and those who live on the narrow barrier beach remain some of the most memorable and generous people I have had the pleasure to met. And on this vein, I was saddened to learn last night Mary Myers Cole recently passed away.

She and her late husband Sylvan were involved with the Fire Island Pines Arts Project and a number of other community organizations in the Pines. Mary was known for her bold fashion sense and for her love of the Pines and especially its residents. And this admiration came through during an interview for the Fire Island News earlier this year about former Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association second vice president of operations Ron McKenna's sudden death in July 2007 and the passing of his partner, Perry Hamilton, a few months later.

"Ron McKenna was the angel of the Pines, and Perry was the angel behind the angel in so many ways," she said.

I have no doubt many Pines residents share the same sentiment about Mary as they mourn her passing. Rest in peace Mary!


Anonymous said...

The first time I met Mary I commented on her spectacular turqoise and rock crystal necklace. Her reply - "these are Chinese turquoise."

The first time we spent a fall in The Pines I commented on how it was like being in a park. In her most refined and elevated tone she clarified the issue for me. "We AHHHR in a Pahk!" After all, we are part of the National Seashore -silly unrefined me. I shall miss her and her fabulous take on things.


Anonymous said...

Not too many years ago, when I first had the opportunity to spend some time with this wonderful woman, I commented to her that I could see EXACTLY what she looked like as a girl of 16. She was delighted! And it was so true: You just had to look at her wonderful smile and face to see the girl in Mary. She never lost the girl within.