Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Judge Issues Injunction Against Boston Gay Newspaper

A Boston judge issued an injunction against a new Boston LGBT newspaper on Friday
after the parent company of troubled weekly In Newsweekly filed suit against its former associate publisher for allegedly stealing his former employer's advertising database for his new publication.

Bill Berggren, publisher of N'Touch New England, allegedly solicited ads for the publication while still working at In Newsweekly. The suit further contends he lured away the weekly's sales staff to work for N'Touch. HX Media fired Berggren on Jan. 2 after CEO Matthew Bank reportedly discovered his plans to launch the newspaper.

Berggren declined to comment on the injunction but a source told Boy in Bushwick it remains in effect for 45 days and prevents N'Touch from using the same advertisers In Newsweekly uses. The source further speculated it is possible the court could issue a second injunction after the first court order expires.

Stay tuned...

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Mark Adams said...

Looks like that is sour grapes on the part of In News. According to one story, In News supposedly knew of Berggrens plans back in December but let him continue working there WITH KEYS TO THE JOINT until they canned him in January. What were they thinking? If you think someone's stealing from you, dont you can them right away? C'mon guys, it's competetion. Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.