Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney Concedes Defeat

A collective applause most likely erupted from the movement for LGBT rights earlier today after former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney suspended his presidential campaign. Log Cabin Republican President Patrick Sammon was quick to acknowledge the social conservative's repeated flip-flops on abortion, marriage for same-sex couples and other issues throughout his failed White House bid.

"Governor Romney ran an aggressive campaign, spending tens of millions of dollars to hide his record and to distort the record of his opponents," he said in a statement. In the end, voters did not find this version of Mitt Romney to be credible. Too many voters learned about his record, and that record didn't match his new found conservative rhetoric."

Sammon further concluded today is a great day for the GOP.

"Nominating a candidate like Mitt Romney would have been a recipe for disaster in November and would have endured a White House victory by the Democrats," he said.

The Democrats arguably have an advantage going into November but Romney's failed campaign is undoubtedly a welcome development. Good riddance Mitt!

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