Thursday, February 14, 2008

Text of N'Touch Injunction Order

Bay Windows published Suffolk Superior Court Judge Stephen Neel's ruling that imposed a 45-day injunction against former In Newsweekly associate publisher Bill Berggren and two former sales associates in relation to N'Touch.

HX Media CEO Matthew Bank filed suit against Berggren, Matthew White and Beau de Mello late last month after Berggren allegedly deleted In Newsweekly's advertising database before his Jan. 2 termination. The suit further alleges Berggren, White and de Mello solicited the troubled weekly's advertisers to advertise in N'Touch while the three were still employed by HX Media in Boston.

It remains unclear as to whether Bank will seek an additional injunction but in another development, an ad in this week's In Newsweekly announced the paper will become the New England Blade on Feb. 28.

Something to which we all can look forward.

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