Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama commands significant lead in new poll

As the U.S. Senate continues debates the economic bailout bill on Capitol Hill, a new poll conducted by CBS News and the New York Times indicates Sen. Barack Obama has a nine point advantage over his Republican rival.

The poll of 1,257 adults conducted Sunday through Tuesday found 49 percent of those surveyed back Obama compared to 40 percent who endorsed Sen. John McCain. 54 percent of respondents said they feel Obama has a plan to address the economic crisis, while 47 percent disapproved of how they feel McCain has dealt with the current turmoil.

The survey further indicated President George W. Bush's approval rating has dropped to a historically low 22 percent. And Congressional support is an abysmal 15 percent.

A surprise? Arguably not since Democrats tend to fair better in the polls during times of economic certainty, but these numbers further confirm the Bush administration's credibility remains largely gone as it enters its twilight. Both candidates continue to point to the change they contend Washington needs. And most Americans appear ready to make it happen on Nov. 4.

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