Monday, October 6, 2008

Wall Street casualty auctions gay virginity

With the ongoing economic crisis showing no signs of easing anytime soon, one former Wall Street analyst with $28,000 in credit card debt apparently found a unique way to fund his own version of an economic stimulus plan.

The self-confessed "27-year-old straight white male living in New York City" confessed to never having kissed another man or even touched someone's penis as he reaffirmed his heterosexual credentials. He offered to wear the same suit he wore to his job interview at his former firm. The man further expressed a desire to spend "some time having a drink with" a potential suitor in order to break the ice. He further offered to give the "ideal blow job/hand job combination" until the recipient has an orgasm or 30 minutes has passed. The man ruled out anal sex.

Someone who read the posting apparently offered the hetero with financially-induced gay tendencies a job, so his search to pop his cherry did not come to pass. A potentially important lesson to keep in mind during these tough economic times.

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